#Kolkata: If all goes well, the Municipal Election is going to be played on November 25. According to the Election Commission, the government is going to issue an official notification on November 25 for the pre-vote on December 19. The State Election Commission will announce the voting schedule (probably on the same day) after the notification of the state government.

Recently, on December 19, the state government sent a letter to the commission asking for a vote. The commission then verbally agreed. The commission agreed in writing today to the state.

Meanwhile, the state will have to pass a new bill to vote for Howrah Corporation, excluding 16 new wards in Bali. According to assembly sources, the state is going to pass the bill in the assembly next Friday. An official of the commission said that if the government informs Bali municipality in writing, they will rearrange the boundaries by removing Bali. In that case, there will be no problem with voting on the scheduled day.

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Although the date of the pre-poll has been fixed, why is the commission delaying the publication of the notification? In this question, the state government and the commission think that 24/25 days after the announcement for voting is enough. Several months of basic services like development of the state and repair of road ghats, drinking water, construction of houses were closed for several months for the recent assembly elections. After Pujo, the work has just started. The Electoral Code of Conduct will come into force as soon as the notification of voting is published. In that case the work of many proposed projects will come to a halt again. Therefore, the commission wants to publish the notification keeping in mind the minimum time required.

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In the meantime, excluding 18 wards under Bali Municipality from Howrah Corporation, 144 wards of Kolkata Municipality and 50 wards of Howrah Corporation will be elected as per the situation. Meanwhile, a public interest BJP has filed a case in the High Court seeking the votes of all the expired municipalities and corporations, following the announcement of the state government’s pre-vote. However, the BJP is not just looking at the case but is preparing according to its strength and ability.

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