#Kolkata: Brother opened the front door of the house in the morning with sleepy eyes. But from what he saw, a stream of cold blood flowed through his spine. He saw his grandfather’s body lying on his back (Murder In Bansdroni). It was a stab wound. Residents of the area are practically shocked by the horrific incident that took place in the city’s crowded Bansdroni Square. People in the southern suburbs are terrified.

Family members rescued the body of Mukesh Sau on Tuesday morning. Mukesh’s brother saw the body first. The news was sent to the local police station. Police rushed to the spot. Ordinary people have started gathering around 140, Sonali Park in Banshdroni police station area. Neighbors have started peeping after getting the news of this heinous crime in the morning. According to police, Sanjay’s brother Sanjay Sanjay Sau saw his grandfather’s body lying on his back in front of the house. The back of the corpse had cut marks on the neck with a sharp weapon. There was blood on the side of the body. Why? Murder for what? No one in Mukesh’s family can guess that.

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Police arrived at the scene and found the body lying upside down in a sitting position. Police estimate he died at least three to four hours ago after a preliminary investigation. Significantly a chopper was held dead in the right hand. Police suspect that someone was having an altercation with the deceased Mukesh. At that moment, the killer grabbed him from behind and cut his throat with a weapon. The police think that a lot of truth will come out if they can solve the problem of whether Mukesh was left with a chopper in his hand or was already in his hands.

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The forensic team from Lalbazar has already reached the spot and collected all the samples. According to sources, Mukesh had a long quarrel with his brother Sanjay. Mukesh’s wife and two sons went to a wedding in Bihar in November. Police still have no information that there is any enemy outside Mukesh. However, it is clear to the police that the murder was due to stabbing. Investigators believe the murder may have been caused by a family feud. Brother Sanjay is being questioned by the police. Investigators believe more than one person was present at the time of the murder.

Shanku Santra

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