#Delhi: A promoter mafia is planning to demolish the temple The Muslim Move Court to save the temple in Delhi has come to the court to protect the temple. They fear that the demolition of the temple in Nur Nagar is an attempt to spread communal unrest in the area. So they have approached the Delhi High Court to stop the demolition of the temple

A petition filed in the Delhi High Court alleges that the construction businessman wanted to demolish the temple illegally. His real purpose is to occupy the temple land

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Residents of Jamia Nagar’s 206th ward have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court, alleging that the temple’s dharamshala was demolished in one night and its land was leveled (Muslims Move Court to Save Temple in Delhi). So that the land can be taken over by the mafia and construction businessmen.

On September 24, Delhi High Court Judge Sanjeev Sachdev directed the Delhi Police to stop illegal occupation of the temple. Police have also been instructed to ensure that there is no law and order problem in the area.

The petitioners in the Nur Nagar ward committee further told the court that the temple was built in 1980. The temple is also mentioned in the DDA layout plan

According to the petition, the temple, which was built in 1970, has so far hosted pujo and kirtan without any hindrance. There are seven to eight idols for worship in the temple They are now being removed by miscreants The petition further alleges that the temple and its dharamshala were demolished by unidentified miscreants in a bid to break communal harmony in the area. This is being done by planning to sell flats by constructing multi-storey buildings on the temple land

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