#Kolkata: The history of the big cycle of making adulterated mustard oil is in Kolkata. Ma Bhadrakali Oil Depot, Hariram Kendemal alias Vikram Goel and Bhadrakali Oil Depot have been operating in the big market for a long time. Finally, the enforcement branch of Kolkata Police has started a case against those traffickers. News has been coming to the Enforcement Branch for some time now that low quality mustard oil is being supplied to various traders in the Posta area of ​​the big market.

On November 25 last year, a large quantity of adulterated mustard oil was recovered from the mustard oil godowns in Posta area. Its volume was several thousand liters. Most were 15 liter tins. On February 2, the officials of the enforcement branch received the report of the oil sample. That report shows that mustard oil contains a mixture of low quality oil. Somewhere up to color has been used. Where doctors recommend consuming pure mustard oil, there is growing concern about how harmful it is to eat this low quality oil day after day.

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When any other oil is mixed with mustard oil, that oil harms the human body. Such heinous crimes were going on day after day. The enforcement branch has started a case against the owners of the oil merchants. Some of the merchants have already gone to court and taken bail. Surprisingly, no significant punishment has been imposed on those who cheat on human food. Ordinary people are being deceived every day towards health and finances.

On this day I went to the Posta area and saw that the traders were still doing business. Questions have been raised as to why no significant action has been taken in this regard despite allegations of substandard oil sales.


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