Kolkata: Mysterious death of Haridebpur! Bloody body of a man rescued from the toilet of the house. Preliminary police estimates that the man was killed.

According to police sources, the deceased was identified as Bappa Bhattacharya, 43. Haridebpur police recovered his body on Tuesday night. Police suspect that the body was hit on the head and rotted. But why kill, that’s the dilemma. Murder or any other mystery behind it? (Mysterious death at Haridevpur)

Scientific Wing officials in Lalbazar tried to recreate the crime scene through three-dimensional laser imaging at the scene on Wednesday. A large team from Homicide Branch and Lalbazar led by DC DD Special Debasmita Das arrived at the spot on Wednesday. They record family statements and collect samples. The forensic wing officials came. Forensic Officer Tanmoy Mukherjee said, “Blood samples and various items were recovered from the spot. Those samples have been collected.”

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Mahamaya Das, daughter-in-law of the deceased, and Arup Das, son-in-law of the deceased, said on Wednesday, “The last words of the parents were on Sunday. The phone has been switched off since then. No one has been able to communicate.”

The girl claimed that two people who were friends of Bappa’s work world were supposed to come on Sunday. Bappa used to work in a tea shop opposite Lalbazar. It is known that Bappa used to drink alcohol. Did anyone come home then? What is the reason for the murder? Financial reasons, or family problems or property past problems? What’s behind the scenes?

The family claimed that Bappa had been living in Haridebpur for the last one year Earlier, the girl lived with her son-in-law at Panihati in Sodpur. Bappa did not go to work in the tea shop last Saturday. Why didn’t you go Someone was supposed to come? The question arises. Pinky, the wife of the deceased, came to Calcutta from Bangalore on hearing the news. He said he was spoken to on Sunday afternoon. Then it was not found on the phone.

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Even before this, Bappa 8 has turned off the phone many times after drinking alcohol So no one thought anything of not getting him on the phone. Pinky called neighbor Munna Barman on Tuesday and asked him to look for her. Munna went back to see the ground floor of the house closed. Munnar’s father then went up the stairs outside the house Going to the second floor, he saw the gate open After that he saw through the window of the toilet that Bappa was lying frozen After receiving the news from the neighbor, the relatives of the deceased informed the Haridebpur police station.

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According to the preliminary investigation, Bappa Bhattacharya was stabbed to death with a blunt and heavy object. Preliminary assumptions are murder for the purpose of robbery. The police believe that more than one misdemeanor is involved in this

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