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Mysterious Death in Kolkata | The body of a trader was found in a leather factory in Haridebpur, suicide or murder due to GST arrears!


# Amit Chakraborty, Kolkata: Mysterious Death in Kolkata According to police sources, the owner of the lathe factory, Tapan Dey, started searching for his wife as he did not return home even after 11 pm. Whether Tapanbabu was killed or committed suicide, this is the question that is forming.

The matter was reported to Haridebpur police station on behalf of Tapanbabu’s family. Police arrived at the spot around 12:30 pm. Homicide branch officials come from Lalbazar. According to police sources, Tapan Dey has bruises on his neck. A knife was found in the house. Blood was found on the verandah next to the house from which the body was recovered. How the blood came there is being investigated.

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Police found a note written on a piece of paper inside the lathe factory. From what is written in it, the investigators initially think that Tapanbabu was mentally disturbed. It is being investigated whether the note was written by Tapanbabu or not. Besides, the police also talked to the family members about the note.

Talking to the family, the police came to know that Tapan Babu was going through financial difficulties. He was also emotionally devastated. Even in the GST sector there is an arrear of about 1 lakh 95 thousand rupees, this arrear may have been a headache for him. From this place, the investigators are not blowing up the theory of suicide. Therefore, the investigators are still confused about whether Tapanbabu was killed or committed suicide. DC came to the spot this morning. As soon as the report of the autopsy report comes, the fog will disappear. Forensic team will arrive at the scene shortly.

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