#Kolkata: Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi directed to expedite the process of Employment On Compassionate Ground in various departments. The Chief Secretary has directed to complete the vacancies in various departments within two to three months. The Chief Secretary (Employment On Compassionate Ground) has instructed the district magistrates and secretaries of various departments to pay the dues as soon as possible. The chief secretary called a special meeting on the CMO’s grievance cell, at which the chief secretary directed. Complaints raised in CMO grievances should be disposed of expeditiously and should not be left out in any way, the Chief Secretary said.

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On the other hand, Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi directed the district police officials to be more vigilant after the murder of two councilors. Yesterday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her concern in a meeting with top officials of the police administration. Later in the day, the chief secretary held a meeting with senior police officials

According to sources, out of 108 municipalities where elections have been held, 26 municipalities have been identified as sensitive by the police-administration. The Chief Secretary has directed the police officials to ensure that there is no disturbance centered on the formation of boards in these areas.

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Apart from this, after the death of Anis Khan, the police officials have also been warned about the civic police Police officers have been instructed to provide better training to the civic police As it has come to the notice of Navanna, the Chief Secretary has suggested to make the civic police personnel more aware of their jurisdiction and responsibilities by involving the names of the civic police in various incidents.

Police have also been warned about the swing In order to prevent any kind of unforeseen incident in the swing, it has been asked to keep an eye on the matter On the day of the swing and the day after that, the senior officers have to visit different places in the district. In addition to the swing, there is a reference to Shabe next Saturday Police have been instructed to keep a close watch to ensure that no communal disturbances take place.

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