#Kolkata: About my niece 6 This time actor Naseeruddin Shah gave a message in support of Saira Shah Haleem, the CPM candidate from Baliganj. In a video message, the veteran actor (Ballygunge Bye Election) appealed to the general public in support of the CPM candidate.

Nasiruddin Shah said, “I am not a supporter of any political party But there is a very easy option in front of the voters of Baliganj Who will you choose as your representative? A sensitive, sympathetic person who will be responsible to you? Or someone who is constantly looking for an opportunity to change the color that has spread hatred? ‘ Nasiruddin Shah further said, “Not as a representative of any political party, I am personally appealing for the support of Saira Shah Halim for the Baliganj by-election.”

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Nasiruddin Shah also praised Saira Shah Halim and her husband and CPM leader, doctor Fouad Halim, for providing dialysis services to marginalized people year after year.

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Not only Nasiruddin Shah but also his wife Ratna Pathak Shah has appealed for support of Saira Shah Halim. In a video message, Nasiruddin Jaya said, “Apart from family ties, Saira Shah Halim has always stood by the marginalized. I have always seen in him the credibility and courage for this work He has always been vocal in defending our rights. “

Assembly by-election will be held on April 12 in Baliganj Saira Shah Halim’s tough fight against Trinamool’s Babul Supriya BJP’s candidate in this center is Keya Ghosh

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