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#Kolkata: Negligence in the appointment of primary teachers was again caught in the High Court. The court has admitted negligence in the quota of side teachers in the initial appointment. In violation of the rules, higher-primary tutors have been appointed. The state’s Advocate General admitted negligence in the High Court. He said that the tutor has been appointed in the quota by mistake. However, none of the appointed teachers are incompetent. It was alleged that 3 people were recruited in Nadia and 2 in Birbhum. A case was filed in the High Court against this appointment. 3

According to the rules, the tutors of the upper primary are not supposed to give jobs to the primary. Primary side teachers will get primary recruitment. 10% of the recruitment for primary is for tutors. Upper primary side teachers have been recruited in this quota. The state primary board is again facing questions in the High Court over the allegations. Despite the statement of the Board of Primary Education in the court, there have been such ‘mistakes’ in the case of a total of five so far.

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Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed that the number of persons recruited in this manner from the Primary Education Parliament of all the districts should be reported to the Board. The High Court will have to submit an affidavit by October 4. The next hearing is on October 6. Earlier in the case, the High Court had warned that if such appointments were made, those who were wrongly appointed would lose their jobs. After this warning, the concerned district education parliament has stopped their salary.

A complaint was lodged in the court on behalf of the five against the decision to stop their salaries. Suneet Kumar Roy, a lawyer for the primary teachers, said the court had made it clear on Wednesday that the High Court’s order did not say anything about the pay cut. Shauvik Pramanik, counsel for the plaintiffs, said that if 5 side teachers of upper primary were appointed, why the rest would be deprived.

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