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#Kolkata: The state administration is being more cautious about Corona. The state government is going to take several steps, especially in Kolkata, with the new species of corona, Omicron Infection In kolkata. On Saturday, the state health department directed that all those who would be infected with corona in the Kolkata Pur area and whose city value was below 30 would have to have a whole genome sequence. The guidelines were issued by the state health department on Saturday. It has been said that samples of each genome sequencing should be sent to the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine.

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On Saturday, another Omicron was found in the state This time Omicron was found in the body of a junior doctor of Calcutta Medical College (Omicron in West Bengal). Most importantly, there has been no news of the young doctor going abroad in recent times As a result, he is thought to have become infected as soon as he came in contact with an omikron infected person returning from abroad. As soon as this incident came to light, the fear of Omikron’s group infection started in the state And that is why the state administration is becoming more cautious about group transmission in Kolkata city.

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According to the health department, the doctor went to Nadia’s Krishnanagar home as soon as he was infected with Omicron. At the initiative of the health department, he was brought back from there and admitted to the isolation ward of Beleghata ID Hospital. The health department is trying to find out who the doctor came in contact with Probably for the first time in the country, despite not returning from abroad, Omicron was found in someone’s body With this, the number of active Omicron patients in the state has increased to four

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