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New target for completion of Siliguri National Highway from Kolkata to March 2024 – News18 Bangla


Kolkata: According to the National Roads Authority, work on the 64 km stretch of road from Barasat to Krishnanagar has been stalled for 10 years. Meetings with the state are held several times almost every year. But due to the delay in cutting the tangle, the work is severely damaged (Kolkata-Siliguri NH). Of these, the contractor has changed twice. So far, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has not been able to acquire land in the North 24 Parganas district in some parts of the 18 km stretch from Barasat to Barajagulia. However, the state is solving the problem by holding a meeting. As a result, work on those parts will start quickly. It has been informed that the work on land will be resolved soon.

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NHAI General Manager RP Singh said, “Work has already started on widening the four-lane section from Barajagulia to Krishnanagar in a 6 km stretch. Patch work has also been asked to be completed in areas where roads have deteriorated.” It is to be noted that one of the areas where work is still stalled is Krishnanagar to Bahrampur Work is underway on 8 km of this 11 km road. However, due to the rain, the work was delayed.

It is too late to get land for work in 4 km section. As a result, work was stuck in this part as well. Work has not started for two years as a result of the collapse of the new bridge in Farakka Finally, the work has started by changing the design. The new bridge will be completed in a year and a half. Contractor problems have occurred in many places. Because they could not start work as they did not get land for a long time. According to the NHAI, work on the land fair from Malda to Raiganj has been completed.

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The work of Dalkhola bypass is almost over. The work will be completed in the remaining few days from Raiganj to Dalkhola. The National Road Authority claims that the traffic congestion in Dalkhola will be alleviated within the next two months. RP Singh said, “We had nothing to do if the land issue was not resolved. I am repeatedly requesting the state to address this issue. The state has solved the problem slowly. Otherwise, the common man has to face the problem.”

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