New Town: Not the car in the garage, the body is hanging! Mystery is growing in the small house in the lake garden …

#Newtown: Noise in New Town on Sunday morning. Anupam Dutt, 50, was found hanging from a garage in Hatiyara Lake Garden. And this incident has caused a stir in Hatiyara area.

It is learned that the deceased had a laundry shop. And one man gave him his own garage to stay. Police found out that he lived there. Anupam Dutt was found hanging in the garage this morning. After that the Ecopark police station was informed. Echo Park police recovered the body and sent it to Bidhannagar Sub-Divisional Hospital for autopsy. Whether the man has committed suicide or something else is involved, the police are looking into all aspects of it.

Incidentally, two days ago, the body of a nurse was found hanging from a hostel room in New Town. The mysterious hanging body of a nurse at the Chittaranjan Cancer Institution hostel in Newtown was found last Friday. The incident caused a stir in the hostel premises. Newtown police arrived at the scene after receiving the news. The body of the nurse was also recovered and sent for autopsy.

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According to police sources, the deceased was identified as Nitu Singh Gill. The deceased was a resident of Delhi. She recently joined the Chittaranjan Cancer Institute in Newtown as a nurse. He has been working in the cancer department of the hospital since joining. He lived in a hostel near the hospital.

The cause of death of the nurse is also unclear. According to police sources, a suicide note was recovered from the spot but it only said, ‘Parents forgive me’. But why did the nurse choose the path of suicide? Did he apologize to his parents for committing suicide? The police are investigating whether there is any secret behind the death.

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