#Kolkata: Be it summer vacation or Pujo vacation. The grandson comes home when the school is closed. This week, four-year-old Evan was supposed to visit his grandparents. Summer vacation has arrived, and Ivan is preparing to come to his grandfather’s house. But the catastrophe was catastrophic.

Cracks were seen in the houses of Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar due to Metro work since last Wednesday afternoon. Residents were quickly evacuated. Little Evan didn’t come to Mamabari for this disaster. Chandrashekhar Chakraborty and his wife Reena Chakraborty, a resident of Bibi Ganguly Street, are upset. The little grandson is insisting by calling again and again. Although he did not want to leave the house, Dadu Dida, who was terrified of the crack accident, was talking on the phone with his grandson from a distance.

Because they left home in 2019, 2020 and stayed at the hotel. However, even if he does not leave the house this time, he is in uncertainty. Because cracks have been found in their house. If there is a big disaster, you have to leave the house again. So the old couple forced their grandson to come.

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MLA Nayana Banerjee came to the area on Saturday afternoon. Talked to locals. At that time, while talking to themselves, Ivan’s grandfather Rina Chakraborty spoke about the pride of not having a grandson. At the same time, he gave a description of the cracks in his house to the MLA. He also complained in the name of KMRCL. The MLA has assured them after hearing all.

Rinadevi is not just. Many residents of Durga Pituri Lane spoke to the MLA on Saturday. Tell them about their various problems. The issue of landlords and tenants also came up in the discussion. According to some, many houses in this area are part of the partner. But this disaster has been counted across the house. But a house has two, three or more families. Many are being deprived of compensation.

MLA Nayana Banerjee said, “The issue will be resolved by talking to KMRCL on this issue.”

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