#Baguiati: It is alleged that Baguiati opened a fake company in Keshtpur and embezzled money from hundreds of people with false promises and did not return it. Allegedly, the officials of the bogus company have embezzled the money by buying the ID in the name of the company. The deceived women and men alleged that they had contacted a company called BRS Infotech three months ago. The owners then influence them to invest in the company.

Then the deceived people invest some three lakhs, some eighty thousand and some more. Someone invests by mortgaging jewelry. Then when it comes time to come back they may know the whole fake and they have been deceived. The deceived people then went to the company’s office in Keshtpur on Wednesday. After that the quarrel started with the company officials.

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During the altercation, police from Baguiati police station arrived and arrested the bogus company officials and brought them to the police station. Police have already launched an investigation into the incident. They are interrogating the detainees. However, the deceived persons have not yet lodged any written complaint with the police.

Anup Chakrabarty

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