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#Kolkata: The RSS is getting lightning signals after seeing the situation of the organization before the battle of Delhi on the 24th. If you want to win, you need to expand your team organization. The BJP cannot be brought to power in the states with just “hired soldiers”. This is how the internal review of RSS came up

The driving force behind the BJP’s organization is the RSS. That is why the association is already entering the field with the aim of strengthening and expanding the organization.

Elections in five states, including West Bengal, were reviewed at the All India Meeting of the Union in Karnataka last October. This is where the skeletal appearance of the BJP organization came up (RSS Report on West Bengal Election).

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One of the reasons for the catastrophe is the over-reliance on ‘mercenaries’ to contest elections in five states, including West Bengal, according to an RSS review. According to the report, the selection of qualified persons for the job was also wrong.

Amit Shah and Narendra Modi jumped at the chance to seize power in the state in 2019. But, they had to return practically empty handed. Before 2014, Amit Shah had tried to take the party organization in the state to the booth level since he was the All India President. However, the BJP is still far from that goal Learning from the mistakes of the past, so again the initiative to strengthen the organization from the booth level.

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The RSS has decided to recruit youths as ‘Holtimers’ to expand the organization. Generally, one timer will be appointed for every 10 to 1 ward in municipal area and one per block in rural area. Recruitment will start after the proposal is sealed at the All India Meeting of the RSS in March.

Part of the union, however, thinks that, in principle, the goal of reaching all the wards before 2024, even if it is set, is in fact ‘far from Delhi’. Because, in the state in 2019, there were about 2200 branches of the association. But, for Corona, there are about 180 branches running at the moment. The lion’s share of these branches are again irregular According to the association, the number of regular branches is not more than 300.

There are 118 municipal corporations and municipalities in the state. The number of blocks is 341. Of these, there are municipalities of 8 to 10 wards like Ramjivanpur, Kshirpai of West Midnapore, or Mekhliganj of Kochbihar, there are municipalities of more than 100 or more than 50 wards like Kolkata, Howrah, Asansol. As a result, in a few thousand wards and 344 blocks, the union has to form an organization before the 24th election.

As an association, they have so far managed to organize in about forty percent of the desired area. That is, in the 100 years from 1920 (the beginning of Jana Sangh) to 2021, the growth of the Sangh in the state was 40 percent. As for the numbers, it should take another sixty years to organize the remaining sixty percent in wards and blocks. The numbers in politics are not arithmetic, that’s right, but in the current political scenario of the state, even if it is not sixty, reaching this goal in three years is nothing but a nightmare.

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