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The familiar path-ghat-alley left. Rock chat or hang out with friends. Apart from those sweet memories of Kolkata, those who have to become expatriates suddenly have lost their love for the abandoned metropolis. All that is left is to stand by, to extend the hand of trust and to build immense self-confidence.

Kolkata Days is an organization with about 600 expatriates living in Canada and Toronto. Where members are referred to as ‘people’. The members of the organization said, “We do not just do Durga Pujo, because we believe that pujo is just a two-day festival of joy abroad. We can help each other. And that’s what Kolkata Days is constantly trying to do. “

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What does this organization of expatriates do? Many have come to Canada from Kolkata with the desire to leave their permanent jobs and establish themselves by working abroad. The first thing you need is a job. Depending on the efficiency of those people, the members of Calcutta Days refer new people to all the companies they know. And many have had that opportunity. It is very difficult for those who come to Canada with their families to get around in their daily life without having their own car. For this, the ‘people’ of this group also help where you can easily get a car from a dealer. The group also helps you figure out how to open a bank account in a new country or how to get a credit card without having a credit history.

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It is very cold in Canada for 6-7 months. Outside work is greatly reduced. This time leaving the family, loved ones creates very loneliness. Eternal chat goes on to end that loneliness. Whether it is physical or by zoom call, unadulterated Bengali chat. And in that chat, there is an arrangement like Bhuri Bhoj. In the same way, from Suchitra to Mohun Bagan-East Bengal, many romantic memories of Bengalis came up in that chat. If any member or his family needs any health help. Then everyone in the group jumps in to help. Besides, a number of cultural events are held so that Bengalis can forget their culture. This is especially true of the next generation. As if they do not forget their own culture.

At the same time the USP of this group is – Admins Arup Ghosh and Lali Ghosh always make a family with everyone. Even if you leave your favorite city, don’t miss those days in Kolkata.

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