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Rowing on Rabindra Sarobar Lake should start after the creation of SOP or Standard Operating Procedure, this is what the morning travelers want. A silent procession was held at the lake on Sunday morning. The accident happened eight days ago while rowing in the lake last Saturday afternoon. The rowing boat capsized in the water of the lake in the face of Kalbaishakhi storm. Due to which two school students Pushan Sadhukhan and Sauradip Chattopadhyay drowned. A section of morning travelers marched in silence to seek peace of the souls of the two slain boys. Silence is also observed after the procession.

Questions have been raised from various quarters since the accident. Who is responsible? Why was there no surveillance boat? In the midst of all this controversy, discussions have been held between the Kolkata Police, KMDA and Lake Clubs on how to resume rowing while maintaining security. Rowing will start again in the lake after making SOP. This has also been informed by the Kolkata Police.

Ordinary citizens who come to walk on the lake make the same demand. Their statement is that no such accident should happen. Let the clubs start rowing according to all the safety rules. Such is the demand of the clubs to take necessary modern measures starting from surveillance speedboats.

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However, it is not yet clear what will be used as a surveillance speedboat. According to environmentalists, the lake has a guideline from the National Environmental Court to prevent environmental and water pollution. Using diesel powered speedboats can spread pollution in the water. So environmentalists are advocating for the use of environmentally friendly speedboats. However, they also want the rowing to start in the security zone.

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Environmentalist Sonendra Mohan Ghosh said, “The waters of Dal Lake and Hussainsagar Lake are connected to rivers where Rabindrasarovar is not connected to any source. “This time, we have to keep in mind that Rabindrasarovar, like this concrete enclosure, is protected from the terrible contamination of this waste oil. But the clubs should take safety seriously.”

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