#Kolkata: On the afternoon of the holy Boishakh, it is as if there are two sides fighting. One side is saying that Bengali is a safe destination for industry and the other side is saying that Bengal is on the verge of anarchy. This time it is as if the Bengalis have been released from the weary Boishakh of two years. News 18 Bangla’s Bengal Conclave 2022 was inaugurated by Firhad Hakim, Minister of State for Transport and Mayor of Kolkata. The Minister has set the tone for the World Bangla Trade Conference to be held in Kolkata a few days after that event. He said, “Bengal is the only safe place to invest.” On the other hand, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh was also present on the occasion. He, however, did not leave the government to make money.

What is the future of industry in Bengal? Is this a big issue for the opposition? Dilip Ghosh’s clear answer to the question, “Look, Bengal was chosen for the industry from the British period. But after a while it was gone. This decline started after independence. It got worse during the CPM era after the Congress era. There were a couple of them, but the grassroots have stopped them. “

Dilip’s addition, “Look, there is a land problem in West Bengal. But there is a lot of land. There are vacant lands in Durgapur, Kharagpur, Purulia. The government has to do land bank first. If anyone wants land, we can give 200-100 acres of land immediately. If we can do Gujarat, why can’t we? Nothing has happened here in the last ten years. I want another airport for Kolkata. Then people will understand that there is a proper environment for industry here.

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Are you constructively opposing or what the ruling party is saying, the opposition is just slandering, is it true? Dilip Ghosh’s clear answer, “Look, there will be opposition. Bengalis know how to oppose. Bengalis also gave their lives for independence. This is the characteristic aspect of Bengali. However, there should be constructive opposition to industrial development. CPM made a mistake in industrial policy, if industry goes away, what message is going? This government is anti-industry. Like the CPM, the grassroots have also been branded as anti-industrial. West Bengal’s financial situation is not better than Sri Lanka’s. The state of West Bengal survives at the mercy of the Center. Otherwise, the situation here is like going bankrupt. “

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You are asking for Article 357 in the state, how effective is that demand? Dilip Ghosh said, “It is a democratic system. There is a governor, there is a central government, there is a president, we are making this demand for the common man. Rape on the side, baby girls are not getting relief, opponents are being killed. What the Chief Minister is also saying, there are questions about his goodwill. So we have to make all these demands. “

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