#Kolkata: The temperature in the city is now around 36 degrees. Today is Holy Boishakh. Ignoring the heat, the smiling Bengali meteje New Year. This time it is like a holy liberation from the weary Boishakh of two years. Who will stop the Bengalis? Meanwhile, News 18 Bangla’s Bengal Conclave 2022, which was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Transport and the Mayor of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim, sat on the land that touched the bypass. A few days after that event, the Minister set the tone for the World Bangla Trade Conference to be held in Kolkata. “Bengal is the only safe place to invest,” he said.

Who is coming to the World Bangla Trade Conference? In response to that question, Firhad significantly claimed that this year’s industry conference will be packed with surprises. In his words, “Lots of big industrialists from around the world are coming this time. As far as I am concerned, Bengal is now being considered as an investment hub. Bengal is being discussed all over the world as a safe haven for investment. ”However, the minister has since targeted the opposition. In his words, “Surely there is an attempt to discredit Bengal now. These are being done by showing the same incident again and again. But the people of Bengal will not leave Bengal behind. How much work is being done in Bantala now. In IT too, no one thinks Bangalore is safe, in which case Rajarhat is becoming the choice.

Why is the industrial environment in Bengal ‘pleasant’? In Firhad’s words, “No labor day has been wasted in Bengal in the last 11 years. An atmosphere of harmony in Bengal. We have never done politics against industry. We were talking about fundamental rights. We had a movement for that right. In Singur, Nandigram, we did politics for fundamental rights. We have always been on the side of the industry. “

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After that Firhad turned his aim towards BJP. “Dirty politics is going on now,” he said. Central agencies were created for big problems. But now it is being used to harass opponents. It is detrimental to the country. The credibility of the agencies is being undermined. Opposition is using agencies to portray Firdam Hakim as a thief and Perth Chatterjee as a thief. And as soon as he joins their team, he washes Tulsipata. “

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As the state’s transport minister, Firhad Hakim sees the future in battery-powered cars tomorrow. “We are thinking about green transport,” he said. We need to provide alternative fuel. Battery powered cars are the future. We are moving in that direction. “

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