Night Bus Service in Kolkata: Government buses will meet again in the middle of the night

#Kolkata: Night bus service 6 is being re-launched in Kolkata at night This was stated by Transport Minister Firhad Hakim on the day For now, there will be overnight bus service from Howrah, Goriya, Barasat and Joka Service 7 is being re-launched from 23rd December

Night bus service 7 was introduced for the convenience of the passengers The service was launched by the Department of Transportation to facilitate late night travel There was a good response from the passengers This is because government buses ply from important places in the city for late night commute or emergency travel.

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However, the night service bus service was stopped due to Corona Atimari The transport department wants to start that service again Firhad Hakim said, “Some buses will also run at night so that people do not get out on the streets at night. You can’t give too many buses right now Because not all the buses we have are on the road. ‘

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The transport minister further said that new services would also be launched from Karunamayi bus stand in line with the long distance bus schedule. So that the passengers get off the long distance bus to reach other parts of the city

A few days ago, a young woman got down from Asansol in the middle of the night in Karunamayi and found no vehicle. She asked for help from two policemen. An ASI and a civic volunteer were charged with molesting a young woman while riding a bike. The Department of Transportation is starting this special service with lessons from that incident Firhad Hakim said he had given necessary instructions to the transport secretary in this regard

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