NKDA Cycle Ride | Now see Thakur riding a bicycle, NKDA made a fancy arrangement

#Kolkata: Smart Bicycle Service has been launched in Smart City Newtown. Newtown residents are happy with the launch of the app-based bicycle service in Newtown. This time Smart Docking Point has been launched with him. Where bicycles can be left. Can be taken again. And the whole process will be through CCTV surveillance.

And with this opportunity, I started seeing Tagore on a bicycle in Newtown. Several people have expressed interest in this bicycle tour. Some people say that the opportunity to see Tagore in a comfortable and healthy way is not easy. The service was launched on October 10. Tagore of Salt Lake and Newtown can be seen. However, the smart city in particular. Bicycling was initiated a few years ago to make Newtown even more environmentally friendly. This time Newtown Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has brought a touch of sophistication in that plan. So it was decided that this time the app-based bicycle will run on the streets of Newtown.

Already, 100 app-based bicycles have been brought to the NKDA office. In addition to this, a bicycle park has been created. There are 20 separate bicycle ‘docking stations’ for this. Passengers have to park their bicycles at certain docking stations.

Due to the lack of a docking station in the first stage, it was not possible to start cycling successfully in Newtown. In many cases, the riders have left their bicycles on the side of the road without leaving them in the parking lot. Many bicycles were stolen. Many bicycles are broken or damaged in the sun or rain to leave them on the road. For this reason, NKDA has decided to build several additional docking stations in important areas of Newtown. From now on, it is expected that it will be easier to monitor each bike so that the bikes can be controlled by the app. According to NKDA sources, “First 100 bicycles are being ridden. Later, the number of bicycles will be increased step by step as per the demand.”

How to match this service? Hidco chairman Debashish Sen said a special app would be launched to book this bike ride. Just like cars of different app companies are booked, the rider has to book a ‘ride’ through that particular app. These bicycles will be kept in 20 parking stations. Passengers can book rides from their mobile phones as per their need. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store. That booking has to be shown at the specified docking station. Once the booking URL is scanned, the bicycle lock will open. As soon as the lock is opened, the bicycle ride will start. However, not on the main road, but on the various streets of Newtown. Also, you have to follow the specific lane.

Debashish Babu said, this time bicycles cannot be left anywhere without a docking station. Bicycle rental will depend on the time it takes to get from one docking station to another. That is, the fare will be determined based on the amount of time the rider will spend traveling. According to sources, initially the rent will start at 10 rupees. If you leave the bicycle at the docking station of the destination and stop the trip, the bicycle will be locked again.

By the way, bicycle docking stations are being set up in various important areas of Newtown including Nazrul Tirtha, Rabindranath Tirtha, Axis Mall, Bishwa Bangla Gate, Financial Hub. Smart bike stands or docking points have already been set up along the Nazrul Tirtha subway. Here is the LED display board. All the information about the bicycle park can be found here. Time will be given here. There are also charging points. A total of 5 docking points have now been opened. Several more docking points will be opened step by step.

The state government has long focused on environmentally friendly transportation in Newtown by creating bicycle lanes. The only hope is that this sophisticated bike will not be stolen. They have special trackers as each bike app is dependent. With this new rule, ordinary people will no longer have problems with bicycles in Newtown. Now there are 18 km of bicycle lanes in Newtown. If this project is beneficial, this initiative will be taken in different parts of Kolkata.

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