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No Corona Restriction followed in kolkata, ছট পূজো


#Kolkata: The Chhat Pujo festival is over in Corona like this year. The Calcutta Municipality organized an artificial ghat. The artificial ghats were also organized by several Durgapujo Committees in Kolkata. However, the fans joined the festival without masks. The worship of sunset and sunrise is without even considering the physical distance.

The Bagbazar Ghat or Baja Kadamtala Ghat in Kolkata, the popular Dai Ghat or Takta Ghat for Chhat Pujo were crowded. The crowd of fans from Wednesday afternoon was eye-catching. One by one, the family members joined the Chhat Pujo. They reached the Ganges ghat singing Chhat Maiya’s song. According to the custom, they came to the Ganges ghat with banana or sugarcane tree. Bathe and worship the sun for the good of the world.

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In the meanwhile, the court order was followed literally in Rabindra Sarobar and Subhash Sarobar. Police patrol in front of each gate. Garden or bamboo barricades are closed at each gate and a large number of police are deployed to protect the court order. Environmentalists were also involved in protecting the environment. This year there was no Chhat Pujo in the two lakes without any untoward incident. And so the relief of environmental workers.

Bagbazar or Jajes Ghat Baja Kadamtala and Babughat, it was not possible to maintain physical distance anywhere. No initiative was seen by the administration to maintain physical distance. In the same way, people wearing masks have to look for their hands properly. After the Durgapuja festival when the corona graph gradually goes up. This scene at the Chhat festival at that time was really terrifying at least to the doctors.

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There were 132 reservoirs in Kolkata Municipality, many of which were artificial reservoirs. In other words, artificial arrangements have been made by renovating the ghats somewhere. Somewhere artificial ponds have been created to observe the rituals of Chhat Pujo. Such a reservoir has been created in Santosh Mitra Square.

Lebutala Park is known as the Durga Pujo Mandapa. Sajan Ghosh, the organizer of the puja, said that artificial reservoirs have been constructed in two parts. Temperature tests and sanitizers with thermal songs have been handed out to fans. Attempts have also been made to maintain physical distance by dividing the reservoir into two parts. However, the devotees got the water of the Ganges in the artificial reservoir of Santosh Mitra Square.

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