No matter the cyclonic storm, the port will remain intact

#Kolkata: Starting from 2019. Since then, one cyclone after another has been raging in the state every year. Bulbul came in 2019, Amphan came in 2020, the real Yas Cyclone (Cyclonic Storm) came in 2021. And every time the cyclone has damaged the communication system of the port in one way or another.

Kolkata Port Trust or Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Port is one of the oldest river ports in the country. At present, Kolkata and Haldia ports receive an average of 6 ships a day As a result, keeping the communication system modern and secure was a challenge for the port. Radio over internet protocol was introduced in that system.

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The main control room of the Kolkata Port Trust is at Subhash Bhavan in Khidirpur. Until now, the communication system was running from this control room through wireless. The distance by water from Kolkata to Sandhead is 232 km or 128 miles.

There are four communication bases on this route, Kolkata, Haldia, Hooghly Point and Sagar Pilot Station. This base communication station is used to communicate with ships, crews, pilots and other operational operating departments.

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According to port sources, this wireless system creates problems only when the weather is full of disasters Communication cannot be done properly. In many cases, help is sought from satellite phones. But that is never a permanent solution So in the case of communication, the radio over internet protocol system was introduced. Port Chairman Binit Kumar said, “This communication will be maintained through channels 14 and 16.

From the Subhash Bhavan control room of Kolkata Port, you can keep in touch with the ship standing on the sandhead. The difficulties that Amfan and Yas had to face before will not happen again. As a result, no matter what the problem is, the message will leave us. “This system will be completely controlled from Kolkata


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