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Non AC metro of Kolkata to sign off forever from tomorrow – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: ‘Non AC Metro Rack’ (Non AC Metro) is going to retire on its birthday tomorrow. The Gita will be recited in the morning. After that the old staff will tell the experience. Documentary will be shown. Passengers will see this rack until the afternoon. Retirement will be announced after that. Tomorrow is the 37th birthday of Kolkata Metro.

It started on October 24, 1984. That too was a moment of celebration. And that history ended in another festive season. For now, Kolkata’s non-AC metro racks have left all records of diaries and passenger carriages in the pages of history. Sometimes azure-blue, sometimes yellow-red, sometimes white-black metrorails. Which was the first underground metro in the country.

In the first phase, 9 non-AC racks came to Kolkata from Chennai. In the mid-nineties, 9 more non-AC racks arrived. From that Chennai. Until 2012, they used to carry millions of passengers every day from Dumdum to the poet Subhash. However, in 2012, AC Metro Wreck gradually entered the life line of Kolkata to meet the demand of passengers. And their service gradually moved to the sidelines of the Noapara carshed non-AC metro rack.

According to the rules, the codal life of a metro rack is 25 years. However, 25 years is a long innings to run the metro frequently. As a result, 2009 to 2012 was the right time to retire. But under the pressure of the number of passengers, non-AC metro racks have occasionally stepped across the tunnel. Now, of course, everything is past. Farewell to non-AC Metro racks next month. However, even after retiring from the job, the leave does not match the AC Metro Wreck. Because from time to time Kolkata’s first metro will have to go out on emergency duty.

At night line tests, staff specials, signal checking, running on the new line for the first time will all be covered by that non AC metro rack. However, many people have fallen ill due to age. They no longer have the ability to move. And they will be declared ineligible in the register. Then they will be cut off. Of course, some people can leave the room as a hobby. For now, it has been decided that 22 AC racks of the metro will run from Dakshineswar to Kabi Subhash. The number of AC racks will also be increased step by step. Although the first metro was launched in Kolkata, all the cities where the metro was launched later used to run AC racks. The AC Metro is not the only one running in Kolkata.

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There was a precedent of replacing parts of expired racks. The General Manager of Kolkata Metro Rail has informed that non-AC Metro will not run for the time being. The first rack, which ran in Calcutta, is now housed in the Howrah Railway Museum. The rest of the non-AC racks are kept in Noapara car shed. For now, the history of Kolkata subway will be there. Before that, you will have the opportunity to see the last non-AC rack at Taliganj metro station.

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