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Not an uncomfortable question, talk to departmental minister if necessary, says Perth Chatterjee – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: This is not a question about any other department, if need be, the specific department has to ask that question, said Minister of State Perth Chatterjee in a face to face interview. He said don’t ask any uncomfortable questions. Besides, he also spoke about the activities of the assembly from the press conference. He said on the day that the party had given some clear instructions to the grassroots legislators, which must be complied with.

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According to the instructions of the grassroots parliamentary party, the members should come to the assembly regularly. Loyalty to the party and the people for whom you have come to the assembly must come to maintain their dignity. New members use the Assembly Library. The party has directed to be present in the assembly one hundred percent. It is compulsory for everyone to be present during the voting on different bills. It is necessary to take part in the discussion knowing the rules and regulations of the assembly properly. If you have any questions about any office then you have to show it first.

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Perth reminded the legislators of their responsibilities on this day and said, “You are a legislator, so you will fulfill your own responsibilities as a people’s representative.” The opposition BJP has been protesting in the assembly from time to time on various issues. Leaving the session, not taking part in the discussion, Perth Chatterjee said, “I appealed to the opposition to come.” Didn’t come today. It is unprecedented. We were in opposition. I did not stay in the room by signing the attendance register, it is not like that. We have been paid. You have come here as a people’s representative. So tell the public in the assembly.

A few days ago, BJP all-India president JP Nadda came to Kolkata. In the wake of that incident, Perth said, many have said a lot. But our leader herself has said that we will not allow Bengal to be divided in any way. I will give blood if necessary, but we will keep Bengal one.

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