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Not at the door, rations in the store! Dealers stubbornly oppose state project, complication again – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The organization of ration dealers is still adamant about not joining the Duare Ration project. It has been decided by the organization that no one will participate in this month’s pilot project.

The Joint Forum for West Bengal Ration Dealers Association will meet on October 25 at Rani Rasmoni Road. Strong statement of the organization, lack of staff, corona situation and their loss due to giving rations at home. For these three reasons, they will not join the Duare Ration project. Instead, ration should be kept in the shop

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Ration Dealers Oppose Duare Ration Project According to the organization, we participated in the 15% pilot project in September. They had to face various problems while doing that work. Many consumers have expressed reluctance to take home rations The pilot project may not last long. This project cannot be implemented. Explaining the reason, the Joint General Secretary of the Joint Forum, Vishwambhar Basu, said, “Our experience is that the additional expenses and accessories that have been lost should be properly accounted for and we should be given our fair share immediately.”

At the same time, they complained that a cluster of “Ration at the Door” has been formed unilaterally, so the Ration Dealers Association started a campaign on ‘Ration at the Door Nine Stores’.

During the festive season, the door-to-door ration project is scheduled to launch in the second week of this month. The ration project at the gates of the state has started working as a pilot project. However, the final decision has not been taken yet, said the organization of ration dealers.

In the meantime, the ration dealers have increased the commission by Rs 50 per quintal. If you want to do biometric, you will get another 25 rupees per quintal. Now the commission is 65 rupees per quintal Dealers demanded a total of 200 rupees. That has been 125 rupees for now. The state government has issued a notification to this effect. However, the organization of ration dealers is not happy with the increase in commission.

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