# Farakka and Kolkata and Kaliachak: The health department has been emphasizing contact tracing in the state since the discovery of Omicron infection. However, the question arises, why was one of the Corona infected (Covid 19) relocated even after being infected? Why was the baby taken away from Farakka? As a result, the infection may spread to more than one district. According to the health department, local and family sources, the anxiety will increase, not decrease.

According to sources, the Omicron-infected child drove from Dumdum Airport to Farakka on the 10th. There the father of the affected child went down to their house. From there the child goes to Kaliach in Malda with his mother. He lives in that house. He started living in the house of another relative. He will probably be contacted and brought to Murshidabad Medical College after the news of his attack came on Wednesday. Although the question arises as to how they are able to move the baby to another place where they are supposed to be in isolation in their home after being infected with corona?

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According to Malda, Kaliach has the child’s mamabari. The child reached there through Farakka. However, other news has been found in the family sources. They claimed that the baby’s corona was examined at Malda Medical College on his return. Then the report comes negative. At present, the mother and child are at the relative’s house in Baliadanga, Kaliachak, Malda. A team from the health department has already reached the house and the police have also gone. It is being investigated at the moment, and where the child went. How many people he has come in contact with. Because, if they come in contact with many more on this long journey, they are also likely to be infected with Omicron. That is why the administration is making arrangements to collect and test new baby samples.

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Although the number of Omicron infections has been steadily increasing in different parts of the country, no cases have been reported in the state so far. The first victims were found on Wednesday.

Avijit Chanda, Somraj Banerjee. Pranab Banerjee, Sebak Deb Sharma

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