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#Kolkata: From tomorrow, Metro Rail will carry fifty percent passengers like Local Train Restrictions. However, Token 8 will not be given on Metro Rail from Monday As a result, those who can only travel on the Metro Rail with a smart card.

After the second phase of the Corona lockdown, the metro could only be accessed using a smart card. Metro Rail 7 took this decision to reduce the transmission Because the same token is in the hands of many passengers Besides, the congestion in the metro was also reduced due to the closure of tokens A few days ago, new tokens were started to reduce corona infection

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Metro Rail closed tokens again on the same day as the state government issued new restrictions to prevent corona transmission. The good news for Metro passengers, however, is that the Metro Rail will run all day as per normal schedule. However, Metro Rail 6 will carry fifty percent passengers

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Earlier, when the use of tokens was stopped, new smart cards were sold to passengers Metro’s revenue also increased a lot by selling only smart cards Crowd control was also very convenient in Corona Atimari

Metro Rail now runs from Kabi Subhash to Dakshineswar As a result, many people in the suburbs have chosen the metro as a means of transportation Although the local train was stopped at 7 pm, the metro would run as usual, the chief secretary said. As a result, the residents of Kolkata and its environs will benefit at least a little

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