Venkateswara Lahiri, Kolkata: Take tuition from grassroots leaders, Kunal Ghosh gave new advice to BJP in a sarcastic tone. Be it Kashipur or Khejuri. Or in any other part of the state where unnatural deaths are taking place, the BJP is claiming that the person was neither a BJP worker nor a supporter. If they have so many activists and supporters then why don’t you get people to put polling agents in the booths during voting?

Kunal Ghosh, the state general secretary of the ruling party, raised the question against the BJP. In this context, Kunal Ghosh had earlier advised the grassroots leaders to take tuition. After the new addition to his list of suggestions in a tone of intense sarcasm, the BJP has many mandal committees. Respecting the victims of the untimely death, I would like to say that I would ask the BJP to form a mandal committee in all the crematoriums in the state. The committee will monitor which of the dead bodies in the crematorium are abnormal and which are normal deaths.

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If it is unusual, the local BJP Mandal committee should inform the specific office bearer. Then the BJP leaders came down to the field of politics with their bodies. Kunal Ghosh made it clear that the Trinamool Congress never does politics with the body. If there is an isolated incident, the police conduct an actual investigation into the incident. But after losing the support of the people, their hope is now only politics with the body.

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The culprits were punished during the tenure of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. But that is not the case in BJP-ruled states. There is no rule of law, the rule of law prevails’. Just a few hours ago, Kunal Ghosh tweeted his advice to the Bengal BJP and wrote in his speech that Amit Shah had met the leaders during his visit to Bengal and told them to learn to fight by watching Mamata. In obedience to that instruction, in the words of Kunal Ghosh, “Start buying and reading all the books starting from ‘Perception’ written by Mamta. Read ‘Jago Bangla’ daily. If it is difficult to understand somewhere, apply for private tuition to any leader of Trinamool Congress. And this time his new suggestion to the BJP leadership to form a new Mandal Committee.

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