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Not the CBI, the High Court trusted the seat investigation! Relief in Anis death case – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Not the CBI, The Calcutta High Court has relied on the state government’s seat or special inquiry team to probe into Anis Khan’s death. Judge Rajasekhara Mantha of the Calcutta High Court passed the order The hearing of Anis Khan’s death case ended on June 6. After the hearing, Justice Rajasekhara Mantha stayed the verdict.

On the night of February 17, four policemen raided the house of Anis Khan in Amata, Howrah Among them were 6 civic volunteers Anis was first spotted at midnight on the roof of a nearby house. Later, the police went to her house. That night, Anis’ body was found in a bloody condition near the house. The family alleged that the police killed Anis from the roof.

State politics became turbulent after the death of Anis Khan The state government formed a special investigation team or seat to investigate the death mystery However, Anis Khan’s family demanded a CBI probe into the case

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