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#Kolkata: Lakhs of BJP votes in 24 Lok Sabha votes, not panchayats. Soon after the announcement of the panchayat vote, the state BJP has started saying, from small, big, big leaders to MLAs, MPs, ‘We will fight the panchayat vote with all our might. But, it is true that whatever the outcome of the panchayat, we will get more than 19 seats in the 24th Lok Sabha polls. “

Just 24 hours before All India President JP Naddar’s visit to the state, party spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said at the party’s state office in Kolkata, “The state election commission will hold a panchayat vote like a pre-vote. Which we think is an extended office of the ruling party. The state police and this commission have recently voted for hundreds of municipalities in the state. The people of the state have seen how the Trinamool and its administration looted that vote. As a result, it is easy to guess what the panchayat election will be in the hands of this commission and the police. That is why we are looking at the 24th Lok Sabha vote and formulating a strategy. However, this does not mean that we are going to give a walkover to the grassroots in the panchayat vote. We will fight this vote with all our might. “

In Bankura, the party’s MP and state general secretary Locket Chatterjee said, “In 2016, the BJP occupied about 6,000 panchayats in the state despite extreme adversity. But, could not hold. So not the panchayat, we will fight keeping in view the 24th Lok Sabha vote. “

Observers say that while Mamata is holding staff meetings and administrative meetings in districts to start preparations for the panchayat elections, why is the BJP’s locket, Shamik, repeatedly talking about 24? According to some political analysts, this is not an isolated statement. In fact, he is talking about the position of the party regarding the panchayat. This is because the party leaders, workers and supporters of all levels should be mentally prepared in advance for the shock that will befall the party after the panchayat. Otherwise, if the fragmentation starts again, it will be difficult to find a suitable candidate to contest in the state with the BJP’s flag in the 24th Lok Sabha polls. Therefore, the BJP leadership wants to hang the carrot of the success of the 24th Lok Sabha vote in front of them without worrying about the panchayat.

The BJP leadership is well aware that the party had a vote share of 36 per cent in the 21st Assembly polls. Despite winning eight assembly seats, in just a few months, the vote in the state’s 100 municipalities dropped to 9 per cent in Kolkata and 12-15 per cent in the districts. The BJP could not explain why the BJP could not win any of the multiple by-elections held in the presence of paramilitary forces under the Central Election Commission (CEC) at the same time, despite putting the commission and state police on the fence in the by-elections.

This result of the party made the people’s representatives like MLAs and MLAs think. Hirik fell to leave the team. Proof of this is the fact that Arjun Singh, MP from Barrackpore from Babul Supriya or 5 MLAs who won on BJP ticket have joined the grassroots. The central leadership group practically called Kodal and brought him into the party to sort out the party organization. As a result, “rebellion” challenges the state and district committees in the districts. Sometimes the general secretary organization Amitabh Chakraborty is targeted, sometimes the leader of one group openly comments on the leader of another group as a grassroots broker. State President Sukant also said that his party has as many “chars” in the grassroots as the BJP has “chars” in the grassroots. In order to save it, the state leadership Naddar’s two-day state visit to Booth to form a committee at the mandal level is actually a paper-based committee with nothing to do with reality. Seeing that, the state BJP has taken the strategy of targeting 24 realizing that.

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