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NRS Hospital Kolkata Night NRS Hospital is ‘their’ paradise


#Kolkata: ‘I just brought a new towel and a pair of Hawaiian slippers. I didn’t look back. What will happen if so many thieves are annoyed! With a blink of an eye, all the bags from money are empty. ‘ Said 60-year-old Bikash Kumar Mitra.

He came from Krishnanagar to see a doctor at Nilratan Medical College and Hospital. Far away from home, showing outdoors every one day. The doctor gave me some physical examination. If that is the case, the foot will be operated after admission.

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Allegations of hospital theft are nothing new. Patients come from far and wide to see a doctor. Some patients are admitted to the hospital. Someone shows the doctor from here. Everyone is sitting in the empty space in front of the hospital. He sleeps there at night.

Most of those who come are marginalized people of the society. 1000 rupees means a lot to them. So they rushed to Calcutta Government Hospital for better treatment.

Debashish Adhikari came from Udaynarayanpur, Howrah on 16th May. His son has been admitted to the hospital. The boy has had an operation on his anus. So his wife is in bed with the boy in the hospital. He stays around all day. He fell asleep on the hospital premises at night.

He was saying, ‘Many of those who come here at night to sleep are not the people of the patient’s house. They only come at night. When he gets a chance, he runs away with something. Money from the pocket, wallet will run away with whatever you get. I also stole things. Before going to bed here at night, I bring my wallet and mobile phone to my wife. ‘

According to the police personnel of the hospital, it is very difficult to find out the person of the patient’s house at night. Action is taken immediately upon receipt of complaint or news. Sometimes the thief is caught later.

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The hospital premises became a haven for thieves at night. Most of the intoxicated people come and gather there. Despite knowing everything, the relatives of the patient’s house fell into a deep sleep with anxiety and fatigue all day long. Reena Mitra, an old woman, said, ‘I have come to trust God. He will do whatever he wants. If stolen. What else can I do! ‘

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