Nusrat Jahan on Srabanti Chatterjee: Nusrat Jahan in Srabanti’s BJP-abandonment, fierce opposition to Sukantar’s interpretation! What he said …

#Kolkata: Actress Srabanti Chatterjee quit BJP on Thursday. Sravanti also clarified the reason for leaving her team in a tweet. Announcing his departure from the party on Thursday, Sravanti wrote on Twitter: Because, BJP is not sincere for the development of Bengal. The state lacks the mentality to work for Bengal. BJP state president Sukant Majumder demanded, “If BJP does, jobs will be found, so quit the party.” But Nusrat Jahan, another Tollywood actress and Trinamool MP, vehemently opposed Sukant Majumdar’s remarks.

After announcing that Sravanti would leave the party on that day, Sukant Majumder said, “If BJP does, there will be no work in Tollywood. That is why artists and actors and actresses are leaving the BJP. ”In this context, he brought up the issue of actor Rudranil Ghosh. Sukantar claims that despite being a very talented artist, Rudranil has not been able to get any job for the last one year just because of doing BJP.

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Trinamool MP and actress Nusrat Jahan vehemently opposed the BJP state president’s allegation. He retorted, “Probably no one in Tollywood faces this problem. Only the political mouthpieces of BJP say such things. There are a lot of people here who do other parties, but Divya is working. “Nusrat further claims,” ​​There is no connection between politics and cinema. I myself am an MP, I also do movies. You will not see any communication between the two. Here everyone gets work according to qualifications. That’s why you got it. “

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On the other hand, in the words of Shamik Bhattacharya, “Sravanti came to the BJP voluntarily, is leaving now. But even if Sravanti leaves the BJP, there will be no harm to the party. Though actress Sravanti Chattopadhyay has strongly reacted to her leaving the BJP, veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy said, “I have left the party, I have left half alive.”

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