Old Man from Agarpara died electrocuted | Agarpara, after Kharadaha-Dumdam, died in front of the house after being electrocuted in stagnant water.

#Agarpara: Not happening again! Another died after being electrocuted by stagnant water. The name of the deceased is Deepak Chowdhury (Old Man from Agarpara died electrocuted). Age is approximately 65. The incident took place in Agarpara Tarapukur area. Kharadaha police recovered the body and took it to Balaram Hospital.

Deepak Babu came out of the house around 10.30 pm on Wednesday. He did not realize that there was a tear in the water in front of the gate. He was electrocuted as soon as he stepped on the wire. He died immediately.

It is to be noted that the continuous rains of the last few days have caused waterlogging in Kolkata and other parts of the suburbs. The number of deaths due to electrocution of that accumulated water is increasing. On Tuesday, parents and children were electrocuted in the water stored in their house in Patulia area of ​​Kharadha.

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Tragic incidents also took place on Wednesday. Shreya Banik and Anushka Nandi, residents of South Dumdum’s Ward No. 2, were playing on the street when they touched the lamppost. Two sixth graders died shortly afterwards. This tragic incident casts a shadow of mourning over the entire area. At the same time, many ordinary people in the area were outraged. The CSC did not want to take responsibility for the incident. According to them, the municipality is in charge of electricity connection at the road post. But no one is denying that the lives of ordinary people are in danger in this tug of war.

What precautions should I take to avoid danger in stagnant water?

The events of the last few days have opened my eyes. We have to be careful about electricity now. In residential or home, where there is a feeder box, if there is water, the power supply company should be informed immediately.

Even if there is water where the water pump is, caution should be taken. If the water does not come down in any way, the pump should not be switched on.

Do not touch the power cable in case the water in the house is frozen.

If there is water in the house, do not charge the mobile while standing in it.

As long as there is water in the house, it is best if the house can be kept without electricity.

If you need help in an emergency, report the number from the electricity bill to the electricity supplier.

Reporter -Arun Ghosh

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