Omicron in Kolkata: 26 December 362, 1 January 2398! 6 times increase in 5 days in Kolkata’s covid-graph! Why?

#Kolkata: The new variant of Corona Omicron has again become a headache for the country and the world. Kolkata (Omicron in Kolkata) is no exception. Seventy days in a row in India, the last day of the year, December 31, the number of corona cases exceeded the level. The news is that every state is following the path of more or less restrictions. However, in the meantime, Kolkata’s Kovid Graf has created a state of panic. The third wave of the corona came and went in the hands of Omicron and again the graph of the city and suburbs became Belagam.

In order to prevent the spread of corona in this situation, a five-point directive has been sent by the Ministry of Health including constructing a temporary hospital and increasing the covid beds. Letters in this regard have been sent to all the states on behalf of Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan. At the same time, it has been suggested to follow some rules. The Center has directed to set up control rooms at all district levels.

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How is the covid graph of Kolkata? The number of new cases of corona in Kolkata stood at 2398 on Saturday, January 1. About half of the total infections in Bengal are in Kolkata alone. In the last five days, the coronavirus infection has increased six times in the capital of Bengal alone, according to the bulletin of the health department.

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In Bengal, the daily corona infection has crossed the 4,000 mark on Saturday. About five thousand touches. Of these, four districts in Kolkata and suburbs and West Burdwan together accounted for about four thousand cases. The remaining 500 infections are in 17 districts. According to statistics, 372 people were infected with corona in Kolkata on December 26. On that day, the number of infected people in the whole state was 652. But the picture changed in just a few days. In Kolkata alone, the infection stood at 2396 on Saturday. And corona infection of Bengal 4512. In just 5 days, the infection in Kolkata has increased more than 6 times, according to the bulletin of the health department.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked for a review to take all necessary steps if the number of infections in the state increases. The state administration can take action after reviewing accordingly. Restrictions are expected to increase from Monday. The government camp at the government gate and the Chief Minister’s Student Day celebrations have already been canceled.

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