Omicron In West Bengal: Omicron’s Chokrangani in Bengal! Meeting chaired by the Health Secretary to give the message ‘Get ready’

#Kolkata: The Corona situation in the state is again worrying. Omicron in West Bengal has increased in the last two weeks. Concerns are growing over the situation in several districts, including Kolkata. In such a situation, a high level meeting was held on Thursday under the leadership of the health secretary. Principals and superintendents of all medical colleges in the state were present at the meeting. Top officials, including the health chief, were present at the meeting. There were chief health officers of the district. There were also district governors. The decisions taken at that meeting are-

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* All safe homes must be prepared immediately. There were more than 12,000 safe homes in the state during the second wave of Corona. They all have to be prepared again.

* Application to double or triple Corona test to all government and private labs.

* New RTPCR Labs in Kalimpong, Jhargram, South Dinajpur District will be launched very soon.

* Decision to tighten surveillance at land borders and ports. In order to check the corona of all the people coming from abroad, they can be kept under surveillance.

* It is being looked into whether special software can be developed to monitor all the foreign passengers who are staying at home isolation for 7 days, whether they are undergoing corona test on the eighth day and whether they are staying at home at all.

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* Many people are not holding the phone of the health department, they cannot be taken lightly at all. They need to be monitored immediately. If not, you have to do geo-tagging.

* Containment zone should be made where omikron will be caught.

* It will be checked whether there is oxygen in every hospital properly. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

* Every Corona Hospital, which was there before, has to see to it that everything works properly again.

* Children’s ICU to adult ICU should be all functional.

* Older people and those who have comorbidity can be very dangerous, so they should be given priority.

* Nurses everywhere, health workers need to be trained quickly again. Because many have forgotten a lot.

* One has to be very careful about the first line corona fighters i.e. doctors, nurses, health workers. None of them should be allowed to do duty alone at night. If there is a slight illness, treatment should be started. Man power can not be reduced in any way.

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