Omicron in West Bengal: Search for the first Omicron in Bengal, 6-year-old child returns to affected Hyderabad!

#Kolkata: Omicron In West Bengal! Omicron was found in the body of a seven-year-old child. The child’s home is in Farakka, Murshidabad. However, the child has recently returned from Hyderabad. Incidentally, a few days ago, a young woman from Britain was found to have coronavirus! The girl landed at Calcutta Airport via Doha from Britain. It was feared that the young woman was also infected with Omicron. But Omicron did not match his body. After returning to Bangladesh, an 8-year-old man was admitted to Beleghata ID Hospital in Omicron Panic. However, even in that case, Omicron’s confirmation has not yet been matched. But this time Omikron has definitely matched the body of that child.

According to the health department, the baby may have first returned to Hyderabad from a Middle Eastern country. From there he returned to Murshidabad. His RTPCR test at Hyderabad airport was positive. Despite this, there is confusion about how the child reached Murshidabad. However, the health department became active as soon as the baby was confirmed. According to sources, the child has been kept in quarantine at home. Naturally, the health department was shaken after this incident.

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By the way, after Delta, the concern about Omicron variant has increased in several countries of the world. India is no exception. An Omicron variant was found in a sample of 4 more corona attacks in Delhi again yesterday. With this, the number of Omicron corona attacks in Delhi has increased to 7. 6 more newly infected in Maharashtra. As a result, the total number of Omicron infected people in the country has increased to 56. This time West Bengal also made the list.

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In the meantime, corona infections in the state have also increased somewhat. In the last 24 hours, 552 people have been infected with coronavirus in the state, according to a report released by the state health department. With this, the total number of victims in the state has increased to 18 lakh 24 thousand 181. In the last 24 hours, 554 people have returned home after losing their corona. In the last one day, 10 people have died in Corona Cope. In the meantime, Omicron’s clutches made the experts worried again.

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