Omicron panic in the state again! Finding two victims at once

#Kolkata: Not only in the whole country, but also in the world, the corona virus (Omicron In Kolkata) is making eyes red again. People were just sitting there thinking that Corona was declining and just at that moment Omicron’s eyes were reddening. Researchers have previously warned about this new variant of the Corona. Two people were found infected with the Omicron virus in Kolkata on Wednesday. It is learned that a 69-year-old man had returned from Nigeria. He was being treated at a private hospital in Kolkata. Omicron virus was found in his body.

It is learned that he came to Calcutta on 13 December. Then the slightest symptom appears. After testing Corona (Omicron In Kolkata) he was found to be positive. The man was being treated at a hospital in South Kolkata. The School of Tropical Medicine has collected its samples. It will be sent for genome sequencing next Monday. The man was accompanied by his wife. But he is not negative. In this incident, another incident came to the fore.

It is known that a 19-year-old girl from Alipore is not positive. The young woman returned from the UK (Omicron In Kolkata) on Sunday. After returning, slight symptoms appear on the body. He was later admitted to a private hospital. After the corona test, Omicron virus was also found in his body. The state has been in a frenzy since two people were infected with the Omicron virus in a single day.

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A few days ago, a woman from Britain got excited about the omicon variant of corona. From then on, strict curfew was started. However, on Wednesday, two doctors were found to be infected with Omicron (Kolkata). Urgent action must be taken to stop Omicron. However, the number of corona cases has increased in the entire state. This statistic has made the state think again. Ahead of Christmas, New Year, this time caution and rules must be obeyed more.


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