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#Kolkata: Sourav Ganguly was released from the hospital. The Omicron report was negative. The fever did not come again and Maharaj. Oxygen levels are also right. Doctors said that all the other parameters are also correct. He will have to stay at home in isolation.

It is learned that the antibiotic cocktail given to him was of great use to the doctors. His physical condition was improving since yesterday. Colds, runny noses, etc. are no more. Room air oxygen level is also absolutely fine. However, he (Sourav Ganguly) was told to be careful when returning home. Doctors recommend eating light meals, eating on time and not going out of the house. In addition to this, he will continue vitamin and skin therapy at this time. Doctors also said that his oxygen, pressure, etc. should be measured at regular intervals. At this time he has to eat protein rich food. Doctors allowed him to go home as the Omicron report was negative.

The news of Sourav Ganguly’s corona attack came to light last Monday night (December 26). On the same day, he was admitted to a private hospital in Alipore due to illness. He had been suffering from mild cold and cough for the last few days. He felt slightly ill during last Monday’s shooting. After that, Saurabh canceled the shooting and checked the corona twice. Twice the report is positive (Sourav Ganguly Corona Positive). The Prime Minister’s Office and the Chief Minister’s Office have inquired about Sourav’s illness.

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