#Kolkata: High-profile vote tomorrow. Before that, Firhad Hakim was one of the soldiers of Trinamool in a relaxed mood. The Trinamool Congress is 100% sure of winning the vote. This is the reason why Firhad Hakim is in a cheerful mood on the battlefield of Bhabanipur (Election).

Firhad Hakim has taken charge of three wards in the Bhabanipur By-Election. For the last 25 days, he has been promoting continuously (CM Mamata Banerjee). This time just to deal with the busy disaster and at the same time to see the preparation of Pujo.

So how did Firhad Hakim, who was busy campaigning, spend his days? “I woke up a little early today. I did some housework today. Then I had breakfast. I spent time chatting with the people of the house, talking and gossiping. I came home early yesterday evening. My oxygen, my relax, my granddaughter. I played with her a little. , I spent time. “

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Even after this, however, Firhad Hakim did not shy away from the responsibility of managing the vote. The vote of Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee) is therefore a meeting with the polling agents. Meeting with Ward Co-ordinators. The result is some peace on the one hand. On the other hand, he is keeping an eye on all aspects of voting (Bhabanipur By Election) with one hand.

The three wards in charge of Firhad Hakim are wards 64, 6 and 72. Of these, Trinamool is ahead in Ward No. 8 with 21,389 votes as a result of 2021 polls. In ward no. 74, Trinamool is behind with 536 votes. In ward no. 72, Trinamool is ahead with 5209 votes. The Trinamool Congress wants to widen the voting gap in wards 64 and 62. The campaign is over, voters in the eyes of the grassroots.

The Trinamool Congress aims to win Mamata Banerjee by a narrow margin in Bhabanipur. So the Trinamool Congress did not have any defect in the campaign. Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Perth Chatterjee reached home. About 25 days of campaigning are over. This time the voters are in the spotlight. The Trinamool Congress is waiting for every voter to go to the polls to increase the polling percentage.

Firhad Hakim met again on Tuesday with all the ward coordinators and polling agents. The syllabus is being looked at at the last minute before the big test. All in all, Trinamool leader Firhad Hakim is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to win by a record vote by increasing the polling percentage on polling day.

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