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One goes to the Himalayas on a bicycle, the other goes to the Sundarbans to learn music, two unique cyclists in the city – News18 Bangla


Arunima Dey, Kolkata: One is walking in the hills, the other is doing street music from the city road to the village of Sundarbans. One is Chandan Biswas, the other is Nilanjan Saha. Wondering where they match! Mill on the bicycle. Yes, they both have bicycles. Sandalwood roams the ups and downs of the hills, the winding roads that very few people have crossed, not just wandering around, making the documentary film ‘Charaibeti’, which was screened at the Calcutta International Film Festival. And all these excursions are his bicycle from Kolkata.

Another Nilanjan Saha came up with the idea of ​​working with street music on the streets of Kolkata. ‘Musical sandwich’ … yes that’s his brand. Now many people know him by that name. He has performed in events like Kolkata Street Music Festival, Mountain Music Festival. “Kolkata Instrumental Jamming Festival” has become self-initiated.

Many people know the gift of music with the sale of sandwiches accompanying bicycles at the corner of Golpark. Many people come to enjoy this street music. Timir Biswas has come, well known artists like Samidh-Urvi have joined the song. He rode his bicycle from Calcutta to a local school in the Sundarbans to teach Kachikancha songs. Khukumani-Sindur and Alta paid their respects to two such cyclists at the ICCR’s Spices and Sausage Cafe in Kolkata. Director Aritra Roy Chowdhury was present.

Chandan Biswas said, “I started my ‘Trans Himalayan’ tour by bicycle on February 17, 2017, traveled all over the North East via Kolkata, Bangladesh, Tripura and reached Bhutan from there.” Then I visited Sikkim and came to Siliguri. The next destination was Nepal. I left for Nepal by bicycle on 2-3 May. The main goal behind all these journeys is to take pictures and videos of the place with him and to collect various information there. I recently made a documentary ‘Charaibeti’ which was screened at the Calcutta International Film Festival. “

Nilanjan Saha said, “I want to walk the path in the coming days with the song. The purpose of making musical sandwiches was to make street music a place. Practicing street music. Everything costs money so the concept of selling sandwiches comes to mind. Some hand expenses come. And with the song. Bicycle companion. “

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