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One thousand kg of cannabis hidden in a car loaded with vegetables! Police search Lake Town – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Seen from the outside, it looks like a car loaded with vegetables Weeds Recovered in Kolkata (7) But behind the sack of vegetables was 6 kg of cannabis During the search, the police caught 7 In all, Lake Town police recovered about 1,000 kilograms of weeds from the matador.

Police were conducting a check on Lake Town at Jessore Road on Monday night At that time, police activists detained a vegetable aspect of the airport. There were 6 sacks of vegetables loaded inside the car

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The eyes of the policemen rose on their foreheads as soon as they saw all those sacks removed Because 6 kg of cannabis was hidden under the sack of vegetables Police immediately seized the car and arrested the two occupants

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According to police sources, about ten quintals of cannabis were recovered from the vehicle Police estimate that large quantities of marijuana were being brought to town for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Police are trying to find out where the huge quantity of cannabis was being brought from by interrogating the two arrested persons. The police will present the detainees in court today and request them to take them into custody

Every year before Christmas and New Year, the demand for different types of drugs including cannabis increases in the city The drug-dealing cycles also became active This time around, the seizure of a large quantity of cannabis is no exception.

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