Online Food Auction App: Favorite food at auction at home

Kolkata: Favorite food auction at home! Wine auctions have been seen in the city in the wake of the lockdown Is that food? Is it possible now? Absolutely not surprising though. Nowhere else, it is possible in the heart of the city of Kolkata. Not believable but true.

Although there are few Bengalis who do not like to eat. Thirteenth festival in twelve months in Bengali petpujo. Biryani with water on the tongue, shrimp from hilsa, pabda on the side, various menus are being auctioned. Even though the pocket is an average field, there are many who think two or three times! However, this time there is a golden opportunity for you to participate in the auction.

The first online food auction app (Online Food Auction App) will deliver ‘mind-what-want-food’ to your home for just two rupees. Delicious food from 519 restaurants in South Kolkata is at your doorstep, with daily auctions from breakfast to dinner.

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How? In this 15 minute auction you just have to understand the time and enter the app and take part in the competition. According to the rules of the app, food will be tied to a certain price. If the price of an item is 2 rupees, then you have to invest the money slowly like yourself this time. The winner is the one who invests the most money.

In this way the first three will be chosen as the lucky winners. You can get food at home only with delivery charge. The auction is going on in the afternoon on the fifth day. The three winners got a biryani of 150 rupees at 5 rupees, 4 rupees, 50 rupees and 4 rupees respectively.

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However, those who are not participating in the competition, but they do not have much reason to be upset. For food-loving Bengalis, there is an attractive 70% to 75% discount for that food! If you just add the delivery charge, absolutely kellafate!

So what do you understand? If you want to eat good or bad, you have to hit the app quickly. And the subscription price is only 2 rupees! On behalf of the private app ‘Hungry Top’, Bengali software engineer Amitabh Roychowdhury said that many old people could not get out due to corona cope. The restaurants sit almost without the festive season. Pull in the pockets of many. So this game app. On the other hand, at the house of Shubhjit Chatterjee in New Alipore, an 8-year-old girl and a 65-year-old mother brought food online for two years. He got biryani at auction for only 25 rupees.

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