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#Kolkata: Calcutta University has been demanding online exams since this morning. Due to the protest of the students, the situation was created on the premises of College Street. Students of Sanskrit College are also protesting against the same demand. The VC of the college has been surrounded. According to the Calcutta University authorities, the final decision on whether the exams will be held online or offline will be taken at the syndicate meeting on June 3.

Not offline, Uttal College Street demanding online exams. Students protest in front of the gate of Calcutta University, ignoring the sun. The education system has changed in the last two years. Ordinary people had to take various steps to deal with the infection. Corona is also a thorn in the side of education. In the latter case, online teaching was the only way.

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College Street has been buzzing since this morning. Students protesting loudly demanding online and undergraduate exams. Candidates from different parts of the country joined the protest with slogans and placards in their hands. The students claim that their syllabus is not over yet, as a result of which the examinees are adamant in their demands by raising questions about how they will take the exam offline.

They claim that they are ready to take the test offline. Then they will have to take classes for the next 4 months from June. According to the post-graduate candidates, many of them have got jobs in different places. As per UGC guidelines, results should be released in July. That result has to be submitted to the concerned company. In that case, their advantage is only if they test online.

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As the meeting between the college and university authorities took place inside the College Street campus, students from different colleges gathered at the two gates of the university to watch the protest. They have been protesting against the online test. They claim that since most of the colleges still have about 50-60 percent syllabus left, they will not be able to take the exam offline in any way. Why is the medium of offline during the exam when the reading is done online? They are raising questions.

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