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Kolkata: Bhabanipur in sight. Three ministers in special charge. The goal is to increase the margin of victory. Therefore, the special responsibility of eight wards of Bhabanipur assembly was handed over to the ministers and MLAs. Today, Mamata Banerjee is campaigning for Bhabanipur Center on Wednesday.

He will join a staff meeting at Chetla Ahindra Mancha at 4 pm. Mamata Banerjee won the by-election in September 2011. He also won in 2016 from this center. Although the number of votes received by the Trinamool in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections has decreased a bit. Along with this assembly seat in South Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee stays with him. However, the preparation of the pre-vote will start as soon as this phase of the assembly vote is over. That is why the Trinamool Congress is starting ward-based surveillance

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Senior Minister Subrata Mukherjee is in charge of 63 wards of Bhabanipur Assembly. Trinamool is ahead in this ward with 413 votes. Perth Chatterjee will be in charge of wards 61 and 72. In 61 wards Trinamool is ahead with 1985 votes, in 72 wards Trinamool is ahead with 339 votes. Firhad Hakim will be in charge of wards 64, 6 and 72. Trinamool is ahead in that ward with a record 21369 votes. Ward No. 82 is ahead by 5209 votes. And in ward no. 74, he got 538 votes. MLA Debashish Kumar will be in charge of Ward No. 60. In this ward Trinamool is behind by 2092 votes. Kartik Banerjee will be in charge of Ward No. 63. Trinamool is ahead in this ward with 1831 votes.

For now, the main goal is to increase the voting gap per ward Mamata Banerjee herself is starting campaigning in Bhabanipur today. Kovid rules must be followed. However, this will be promoted through a staff meeting at Chetla Ahindra Mancha. Minister of State Firhad Hakim said that the senior workers of the six wards in the Bhabanipur assembly constituency have been called for the meeting. Since the Kovid protocol has to be followed, the meeting cannot be called by calling everyone together. However, there is a giant screen system. Mamata Banerjee’s speech can be heard there. Today, what he will tell the workers on Wednesday will depend on how the campaign will continue across Bhabanipur in the coming days.

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Firhad Hakim said, “Gradually we will start campaigning. All the ward coordinators have been told to go to people’s houses. Go there and talk to them.” What is meant by voting campaign is writing on the wall, hanging posters, banners. It all started across the high-profile Bhabanipur center. The Trinamool Congress is now busy with Bhabanipur to heal the wounds of Nandigram. Bangla wants its own daughter, and the MLA wants the daughter of Bhabanipur house. The ruling party is moving forward with this slogan.

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