Parnasree Death: Bloody Body Of Mother And Son Rescued In Behavioral Flat

Kolkata: Unnatural death of mother and son in Behala Parnasree area. The decapitated bodies of the mother and son were recovered from a flat in a local residence on Monday night The deceased were identified as Sushmita Mandal, 45, and Tamojit Mandal, 13

According to police sources, the Mandal family lives in a three-storey flat of the residence Homeowner Tapan Mandal was the first to see the frozen bodies of his wife and son when he returned home from work that night.

Bank employee Tapanbabu told the police that when he returned home from work, he saw the door of the flat open. He entered the house and saw the bloody bodies of Sujata Devi and Tamojit lying on the bed The bodies of two people were lying in two rooms The house was flooded with blood In addition, blood stains and blood-stained clothes were found in the dining room and near the basin

Middle-aged Sushmita Devi and ninth-grader Tamojit both have deep wounds in their necks. Neighbors gathered after hearing Tapanbabu’s cries The news was given to Pornshree police station 7 Police reached the spot

Preliminary investigations revealed that before Tapanbabu’s shout, the neighbors did not hear any shouting or any other scuffle. From this, the idea of ​​the police, any face familiar with the incident is involved

In this case, more than one aspect is coming up In the two houses where the mother and son were found dead, the belongings were looted After a preliminary investigation by the police, it is believed that besides the murder, looting was also carried out in the house The two bodies recovered have been sent for autopsy It is believed that a lot of fog will be cut when the autopsy report comes Forensic team 7 arrived at the scene late Monday night to collect samples

(Reporting by Samir Mandal)

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