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Partha Chatterjee: All roads closed, Perth Chatterjee at the CBI office! View of Benazir at Nizam’s Palace


#Kolkata: Minister Perth Chatterjee at the CBI office Division Bench 8 has returned the application of the Minister of State As a result, the former education minister had to appear before the CBI today if he could not get any legal protection by 6 pm. Just like that, Perth Chatterjee reached the CBI office at Nizam’s Palace at 5.40 pm. Meanwhile, before reaching Perth Chatterjee, Benazir’s security cordoned off the Nizam’s Palace. Apart from the Central Force, the number of Calcutta Police is also not less. On the same day, the High Court said that the CBI could also use the central forces for the purpose of investigation.

Shortly after the division bench returned his application, Perth Chatterjee left his Naktala house at around 5 pm. Journalists asked Parthababu if he was going to the CBI office. However, Perth Chatterjee avoided answering that question Justice Abhijit Ganguly today directed Perth Chatterjee to appear before the CBI office in the SSC recruitment corruption case by 6 pm today. Justice Gangopadhyay also gave the green signal to arrest the minister for non-cooperation

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The judge also recommended to the Chief Minister and the Governor to remove Perth Chatterjee from the Cabinet. The important minister of the state appealed to the division bench challenging this directive However, a division bench of Justice Harish Tandon dismissed Perth Chatterjee’s application citing procedural errors.

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At the same time, however, Justice Harish Tand advised the lawyers of Perth Chatterjee that in case of emergency, they could seek refuge with the Chief Justice. Perth Chatterjee had to appear before the CBI by 6 pm as per the directions of the single bench. In another SSC case, Justice Abhijit Ganguly directed Perth Chatterjee to appear before the CBI today. As a result, the Minister of State went to the CBI office.

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