Partha Chatterjee | CBI: Four-member CBI team faces Perth Chatterjee in Shilpa Sadan! Wanted to know …

#Kolkata: West Bengal Industries Minister Partha Chatterjee is being questioned by the CBI in the Icore Chit Fund case. A total of four CBI officers, including the investigating officer, came to the Industries Minister’s office at 4 Camac Street on Monday. The minister was interrogated for about an hour and a half. On September 8, the CBI issued a third notice to the Industries Minister in the ICO chit fund case. Earlier, the CBI had summoned Perth Chatterjee with two consecutive notices in early March before the Assembly elections.

But Perth Babu avoided the notice twice as he was busy voting. The CBI gave the third notice after the voting period. According to the notice, Perth Chatterjee was called to the CBI office around 11 pm on Monday. But Perth Chatterjee’s lawyer emailed him at 10.30 am that day, saying it was not possible for him to go to the CBI office at the CGO complex. The reason, Perth Babu said, is that he is a senior citizen, busy with various office work. He is willing to cooperate in any way if the CBI wants to come to any place.

According to sources, the CBI officials sat in a high-level meeting soon after. The investigating officer of the case held a meeting with the CBI officials in Delhi. It was decided that the CBI officials would go to the Industrial House on Camac Street, where the office of Industries Minister Perth Chatterjee is located. Just like that, at 11.50 am, a team of four CBI members came to the industrial house. They went straight to the minister’s office on the seventh floor. Within ten minutes, Perth Babu came to the office.

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That’s where the interrogation begins. According to CBI sources, Perth Chatterjee has cooperated with the CBI in every possible way. Perth Chatterjee, on behalf of ICO’s Chit Fund, was a special guest at several events and spoke. Video clippings of all those events were shown to the Minister. Investigators want to know why he went to those events. Also, money has been transferred from Icor’s bank account to a club account in Nakatala. Perth Chatterjee was also asked why the money was transferred.

— Sukant Mukherjee

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