#Kolkata: The emergency landing of a Ranchi-bound plane at Dumdum airport sparked outrage on Sunday. It is learned that the Air India Flight from Bhubaneswar to Ranchi was made an emergency landing due to bad weather. But after waiting for hours without getting any desired solution from the airline, the passengers broke out in protest (Airport Agitation).

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It is learned that the plane made an emergency landing due to bad weather. As a result, the passenger protest started at Dumdum Airport (Airport Agitation). According to sources, the 9I719 Air India flight from Bhubaneswar to Ranchi was scheduled to take off at 11:30 am but left at around 2 pm. The plane made an emergency landing at Calcutta Airport due to bad weather in Ranchi.

Meanwhile, after the emergency landing, passengers started waiting in the lounge. But even after sitting at the airport for hours, it was not resolved for them. Allegedly, there were about 50 passengers on the plane. But no arrangement was made for them. Passengers complained that even water was not provided.

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All in all, some of the waiting passengers complained about the mismanagement of Air India Flight. It has been reported that the Air India authorities will refund the money to the passengers after twenty days. But there was no solution to the suffering of the passengers. Passengers are questioning the whole incident (Airport Agitation), where will they be now? No action is being taken on behalf of Air India for the sake of complaints, passenger safety and interests. As a result, the passengers of the Ranchi-bound flight have to go through extreme suffering.

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