Passengers on the rise in Kolkata Airport

Kolkata: Coming to Kolkata during Pujo and visiting other cities on this holiday is a hit with everyone. And that will not happen or why, the holiday that is available now ৷ There are many who plan to leave Kolkata in advance to avoid the crowds at Pujo. There are also many who enjoy pujo in Calcutta till the eighth or ninth and then migrate elsewhere.

Everyone wants to enjoy Pujo holiday The number of passengers in the city has increased dramatically in the last few days Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Airlines are trying to slow down after the second wave of the Corona. The number of passengers is increasing drastically in the month of Pujo In the last three days, the number of passengers from Kolkata Airport has suddenly increased by 7 According to The Telegraph, a huge line of passengers was spotted outside the gate of Kolkata Airport on Sunday. Then on Monday and Tuesday also a considerable number of passengers were noticed in Kolkata

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Due to Corona last year, many people did not think of going out for Pujo holidays But this year the picture is different Most have already taken two doses of the covid vaccine So many people have gone out to tour with a lot of courage

According to airport sources, 44,402 passengers disembarked from Kolkata airport last Saturday. On Friday, that number was even higher at 47,07 This number is undoubtedly much higher than the number of passengers before the start of Durgapujo last year So, all in all, the busyness among the staff at Calcutta Airport has increased considerably

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Besides Delhi and Mumbai, Goa, Bagdogra and Port Blair have more passengers than Kolkata. According to the director of the airport, an average of 60,000 passengers used to travel to Kolkata every day before Atimari. That number was greatly reduced to 7 Before Pujo, there are 40-45 thousand passengers every day Which is definitely good news Air India has also launched Pujo menu Chicken Kalia, Chicken Dalna, Basanti Polao, Radhaballabi, Meat Rezala, Sweet Yogurt, Rajbhog and many more are on the menu.

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